Refund Policy / Money Back Guarantee

We deliver our quality services in time. We have a policy for Refund or Money back guarantee. If in any case, you feel there has been a fraud, services not delivered in time or not as described, you can email us regarding it.

While refund request is in process, refund will only be accepted if it meets the condition, or only in some special circumstances before our team campaign begins. So the amount of refund will be 100% of total purchased price of campaign. Our main aim is providing 100% satisfaction. So, you don’t need to worry as our team works hard and always over delivers.

Generally, We won’t refund without any special circumstances or other conditions. If your request meets our circumstances and we have started the campaign, then the maximum amount of refund might be or less than 50% of total purchased price of service depending on how far the campaign has reached. So, we advise you to read our terms of condition, refund policy, privacy policy and description of purchasing service carefully before purchasing any of our services.

If you have any queries or questions ,please don’t hesitate to Contact us  Via Contact us Form/Left bottom Chat box or even Skype. We are always happy to assist You anytime.

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