Buy Facebook Ads Accounts

Buy Facebook Ads Accounts

We have been providing facebook accounts since 2014 and are recognized as one of the top quality social accounts provider. We have affordable prices and excellent customer support (we make sure account, we provide works well for you or we will replace them right away). We value our customers and make sure they remember us for our quality service. We aren’t here for one-time business.

We provide 2 Types of Facebook Ads Accounts:

Quality Facebook Ads Accounts

Facebook accounts Plan

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Our Quality Accounts always work well without any issue, we provide cookies for every account you receive, please make sure to use it instead of using user:pass method at your first attempt. All information and instructions are provided with accounts inside email and excel file step by step. We also provide Free replacement accounts just incase.

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We provide cookies for you to login instead of traditional User-Pass method so that you won’t have any issue using your account.

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Spendable up to 2500$ per month
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There is no stopping to your campaign


  1. Boosting your campaign?
  2. Why do you need to buy Facebook ads accounts?
  3. Benefit of buying Quality Facebook Ads Accounts
  4. How long does it normally take to get my purchased accounts?
  5. Two Type of Ad Accounts
  6. Does these Accounts come with friends with them?
  7. Do you accept other form of payment?
  8. Do you guys Replace Accounts?

1. Boosting your campaign


Advertising has never been so easy until Facebook ads became a #1 place to advertise your business at your flexible time, rate and much more, if you haven’t started your campaign on Facebook then you are missing lots of things out. Nevertheless, It isn’t still too late to start doing advertisement on Facebook.


2. Why do you need to buy Facebook ads accounts?


Short answer: for multiple purpose.
Most of the people have frustration time dealing with Facebook team, i.e waiting for their ads account to get resolved or might have got their ads account rejected. In such case you will need to buy old Facebook accounts with lots of activities on them, friends, followers, etc to start doing ads on them. It is hard to create accounts and wait for years and maintain them but don’t worry, that’s what we are here for, We provide you 100% guarantee accounts that will allow you to do ads on facebook without any delay.


3. Benefit of buying Quality Facebook Ads Accounts


  1. 1> Engagement
    – Whether you work offline or online, you will always need to reach people to make sales or gather their information, Facebook ads campaign makes it easier for you to get conversion at very low rate and having higher engagement will not just make your business legit, it will boost your organic reach as well.
  2. 2> Website promotion

    – Tired of google ads? not to mention its huge cost per click. With Facebook, you can reach plenty of users with fracture of cost promoting your website to thousands of people at real-time.

  3. 3> Control

    – The best thing about Facebook ads is that you have huge control to filter out your audience, everything is in real-time that means you are able to do actions and interactions in real-time,

  4. 4> Outcome

    – since you are using our ads accounts, You can buy multiple of them to do ads at the same time without any delay showing it to millions of people using same payment method and never have to worry about it getting suspended.



4. How long does it normally take to get my purchased accounts?


This is the most frequent question that people want to know no matter what they are buying. As making our client wait makes us much unpleasant, we try to deliver our clients as soon as possible even before our delivery time. But sometimes it takes more if we are out of stock, but still we won’t try to cross our delivery period.

Despite all, if there is any problem with your order, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We try to respond it sooner.

We are very friendly dealing with our clients, so it may save your time contacting us before disputing the transaction if anything mistakenly goes wrong (which doesn’t happen often), we solve the problem amicably.

5. Two Type of Ad Accounts


  1. 1> Personal Ad Account

    If you are beginner to facebook ads, we recommend you to purchase personal ad accounts, this is account for your if you are only doing ads for your own business at small-scale with daily limits of 50$.


  3. 2> Business Ad Account

    If you own lots of business or do ads on multiple pages, have large team or spend more than 50$ a day then you will definitely need business ad accounts. since personal account only has limit of 50$ threshold when you first start doing ads. futhermore, you will be able to assign up to 5 other people to work with you.


7. Do you accept other form of payment?


Yes, aside from PayPal (Default payment method), we accept Skrill and Bitcoins.


8. Do you guys Replace Accounts?


Yes, we offer free account replacement if the accounts don’t work after your first attempt to login (which doesn’t happen often). If you warm up accounts a bit or don’t do heavy spam or if you know what you are doing, there shouldn’t be an issue. Therefore, we aren’t responsible after any update made by you on accounts resulting in suspension. For example, if you like 10-20 pages per hour which is too much, we aren’t responsible for getting your account suspended or for such acts.

Please remember that if the accounts gets disable due to your fault, we can’t take such responsiblity.


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