Refund policy

Refund Policy team aims to provide full competent and satisfactory service to our clients and in failure of that endeavor we shall accept any requests for a refund  only if they meet the following stipulations under some limitations.

Service Undelivered : If we are unable to deliver accounts or any of our service on the estimated time  we have provision to refund money immediately .

Refund within 72 hours for Errors and Ommisions: If the delivered accounts are not as featured in our website details or has problem alike you find them junky or not fresh;  you need to contact us within 72 hours of your purchase to claim replacement. We offer 72 hours warranty on all accounts.

 Wrong Service : Accidentally, if you purchased wrong service; you need to inform us immediately for change of accounts/service type. In fact, in such case we cannot refund money but if you deliberately ask us to refund we shall investigate the transaction period and accounts/service type and quantity before taking any actions.  Under such circumstances with your reasonable request  full or partial refund will be decided.

Buy-facebook-accounts Terms

  • We wont be able to help our customers if any of our terms or policies are violated. Enjoying any of our service or buying accounts from us means to accept our terms and conditions. It is recommended to read and abide them before purchase.
  • We are not responsible for any Terms of Service violations made by our customers after the use of accounts/service we have sold. Clients him/herself will be responsible from the circumstances caused by use of our accounts/services.

Privacy Policy

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