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                The increasing use of social media worldwide have made people connect with each other conveniently. Not to mention, Facebook with more than 1 billion users, the most popular platform is the most preferred social networking site today. Which is why brand, personal brand, music industry, artist almost everyone uses this platform to advertise and self promote to gain advantage or interact with their audience. Not just Facebook, Instagram lies at top as well. So, If you are thinking to promote or grow your business efficiently, you have made right choice to glance at our site. We are fully aware that our service if used efficiently , can effectively make great impact to your business. We have been working on this field since 2013 and have accomplishment almost every project our client required in very short amount of time and have been creating high quality accounts in spite of regular Facebook and Instagram updates and been delivering to our buyers with our reliable service. Other than that, we offer Instagram services such as Instagram followers, likes, comments,etc and Facebook services like Fan page likes, Posts likes, App vote, subscribers etc.

We do have refund policy just in case our accounts doesn’t work with 0.1% rate of failure (we do replace accounts if needed). We believe our goal isn’t just about growing our business but growing every one of our buyers business as well. If you would liked to test our service you can start with the lowest package or request for 1 sample account or if you have any questions you can contact us through contact form.

We believe our provision is not the exploitation of technology but Qualitative service to social community.

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  • deliver targeted advertising to a specific group.